The Blind Advocate Network – Home Page

The Blind Advocate Network

The Blind Advocate Network – Home Page

Phone: (855) 722-3122

Welcome to The Blind Advocate Network website, located at The Blind Advocate Dot Net Here, you will find blog posts related to the blind, including but not limited to news, upcoming events and even new projects as well! This blog is intended for everyone, no matter if you are sighted, disabled, etc. I believe that everyone should learn new things!

What You Will find

On this website, you will find

  1. A blog, (Catch up on the latest news/posts).
  2. A link to my Facebook Page ( This link will open in a new tab, making it easier to switch back to this website.
  3. A newsletter signup form where you can stay up-to-date via email on new posts.
  4. Other social media links e.g., Twitter, ( This link will open in a new tab, making it easier to switch back to this website, A YouTube Channel (, and many, many more, including The Blind Advocate Network on Anchor! A podcasting network!

Please note that all links above will open in a new tab, making it easier to navigate back to this website by pressing Control+Tab on your desktop or laptop keyboard. If you have any questions about this website, do not hesitate to email the team at

Also, you may call the team at 1 (855) 722-3122.

Want more functionality on the website, plus new projects?

No matter how big or small your contributions are, operating this website comes with expenses. If you would like to keep this website running, and would like other projects to start up in the future, please consider contributing/donating. Thank you in advance for your contributions! Click here to go to the Contributions Page to learn how to contribute. You can also contribute/donate by clicking the button below.

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